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Comfort and well-being for your Molekinha

  • Fresh Tech Technology

    Non-slip sole with air circulation channels and flexion points and insole with antibacterial fabric - which allows the feet to breathe and remain cool throughout the day. It also has a waterproof membrane that prevents water from getting in and facilitates air circulation.

  • Soft Pop Insole

    The warmth of soft material in the insoles with Soft Pop technology brings comfort and softness. A 4mm fluffy foam with antibacterial technology ensures protection and comfort.

  • Easy Fit

    Thinking about the practicality of everyday life with children, Molekinha offers products with finishes that make it easy to put on.

  • Natural Fiber Sole

    We reuse natural resources by applying 10% of these fibers to soles, reducing the use of non-renewable compounds and reducing the impact on the environment.

  • Comfort Love

    Insole with Comfort Love technology has a comfort point system in Rubber EVA, which helps absorbing impact, ensuring more comfort for the day by day of our little ones.

  • Heel Foam

    These products are made of a thicker foam, responsible for providing more comfort and well-being when walking.

  • Led

    A shoe with the magical power of making life more fun and brighter with a non-rechargeable battery system lasting up to 200,000 cycles.

  • Leka’s Crew Insole

    This insole, which represents the fun and colorful world of Molekinha, has a 4 mm foam and antibacterial technology, which ensures comfort to the feet.

  • EVA Comfort Insole

    Plushy and anatomical, our Comfort EVA insoles provide well-being when walking and make your feet dry because they repel water.

  • Non-slip Sole

    These soles are manufactured with non-slip properties, ensuring greater stability and safety when walking.

  • Molekinha Move

    Expanded PVC sole that offers more lightness and provides greater walking comfort.

  • Molekinha Fun

    With cute insoles and a pop mood, the Molekinha Fun line has sizes up to 36 for girls to rock the coolest trends.

  • Molekinha Soft

    Slide Soft is an explosion of comfort and lightness! Perfect for the daily lives of our little ones, it is colorful, versatile and it has non-slippery properties on the sole! Ideal for playing indoor and outdoor, it is made of ultra soft EVA, a material that offers softness, flexibility and high durability.


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